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In Game Crush is a chatroom-based, romance game, created on Unity, for Otome Game Jam 2021.

Play as the Main Character, who has just created their own Harmocord Chat server with a couple of online friends.  Spark romance in a story where your choices make a difference.

About This Game:

Start the game by making your own Harmocord account and server.  Features two Love Interests (CanOfCorn and PockyDaze) with branching narratives, plus a Harmocord NewsBot to help keep you on the right path.  Make your choices carefully, as this decides how many relationship points you'll acquire, as well as your ending!  Whose affection will you win over?

Game Features:

  • Name  and pronoun customization, to make your game experience more personalized.
  • Subscribe to In-Game news via the Harmocord NewsBot to get the most important information for your Love Interests.
  • Features a branching narrative with three different endings for both Love Interests, for a total of six different endings. Your choices will make a difference and reflect through the story.
  • Unlock the Gallery; featuring six CG's of your Love Interest (three each). Play to unlock them all!

Narrative Design, Writer and Server Icon Artist - Chloe (BunnyGirlSenpai)

Writer - Sterling (KingtoDeath)

UI Designer - Greg (Brontosaurus-G)

Programmer - August (Goldgust)

UI Programmer - Joe (Swirllyman)

Character and Icon Artist - Awiola (Awiola)

Music and SFX - EvanJames

Thanks to Artist Foleso for the above Otome Jam Logo!

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorsBunnyGirlSenpai, swirllyman, Goldgust, Awiola
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
TagsDating Sim


In_Game_Crush.zip 41 MB
IGC_1600x1200.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Open the .zip, then In_Game_Crush folder and run OtomeJam.exe


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My heart has been broken but it's perfectly fine, as long as Corn and Pocky are happy together, I'm happy.

Great Game BTW!!!!

haha thanks for playing!! 


hi, i know im late but this game sounds so fun but it doesn't have a mac version :((

Are there plans to make one that works on macs? (or maybe similar chat-style games?)


unfortunately, there are no plans to do further work on this, as this was for a game jam, and the participants are all busy with other work currently... but thanks for taking interest! should we ever decide to in the future, i'll be sure to reply again!


ah :((

Thanks for your reply!

First playthrough of it, I was devastated by Pocky's rejection. 10/10, excited to see if I can win over corn in one go <3


I like this one!  I covered it in Part 3 of my Otome Jam reviews! C: Starts at 3:41.


aw thanks!! We’ll be sure to check it out!! 




nice game! huge fan of pockydaze. i also liked the references lol :)


Thanks for checking it out!! We hope you enjoyed the references :P  for those who game hard >:D


I liked the music! :) I only wish there was a way to slow down the messages,  they were hard to keep up with. I liked how naturally the conversations flowed though. Good job!


Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed. Hopefully we'll get a patch soon that fixes some of the bugs that we had to release with due to time constraint xD


Yeah, this was my problem too!  I'm a fast reader, but unfortunately not that fast