Super University is a text-based action and adventure game, created on Twine.

Play as a character who has been accepted at a school called Super University, "where Super Heroes are made."  Become a hero in a story where your choices make a difference.

About This Game:

Begin your adventure with an acceptance letter to Super University, and make your way to your first day of school.  Features two classes to play through, plus a Hero Mission to wrap up the adventure.  Make your choices carefully, as this decides your reputation, goal and ending!  Learn what kind of hero you are, and decide what you will fight for.

Game Features:

  • Name customization, to make your game experience more personalized.
  • Choose your power out of three options: Super Strength and Flight; Elementalist (Air, Fire, Earth, and Water); Telepathy and Telekinesis.
  • Features a branching narrative with four different endings, so your choices in game make a difference and reflect through the story.
  • "Reputation points" reflect the positive and negative impacts of your choices in game.
  • Two different "goals" reveal what kind of hero you are based the decisions you make.  Do you fight for Justice or Vengeance?
  • Earn hidden achievement titles for completing special pre-requisites throughout the game.

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